I'm First Time Diver

This is the most popular course of our program for beginners.

Here you gain your first diving experience.

After dealing with the registration formalities at the diving center DOLPHIN DIVE, which is situated directly at the harbor of Alanya, and arranging your diving equipment, you get to know your personal diving instructor on the boat. Your instructor gives you a first introduction to breathing technique and pressure equalisation underwater and explains the technical functionality of the pieces of your equipment. After putting on the equipment and jumping into the water, we only duck our heads underwater and get used to breathing underwater. Only you decide when you are ready to do your first dive. Every group of up to 5 people (families and friends can of course be in a group together!) are accompanied by at least two diving instructors. The first dive to a depth of about 6 meters takes 20 to 25 minutes. Afterwards we have a lunch break. In Alanya’s most modern boat galley we serve fresh food prepared by our first-rate cook and after some fruit for dessert there is still time for coffee or cappuccino.


The maximum depth of the second dive 12 meters, depending on the performance of the group, and it can be longer than 25 minutes, depending on the air consumption. At the end of the day you get a DOLPHIN DIVE diploma and we return to the harbor of Alanya at 5 p.m.