Alanya Diving

About Us

As Dolphin Dive Center, we started this adventure in 1990 on behalf of diving enthusiasts and those who love water sports activities.Dolphin Dive Center is a 5-star member of the world-recognized PADI and SSI organizations as well as a member of our country's federation.We offer diving courses suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced level and we aim to be an institution that makes you love diving.

We are proud to establish eternal friendships with you in a family environment by adding unforgettable adventures, memories and experiences to your underwater dreams.Dolphin Dive Center is a business that belongs to you that will make you feel at your own home.

The basic building blocks of this organization are experience, our expert team and safety. Our references are the countless underwater professionals we have trained so far and the thousands of local and foreign divers we have guided.


To offer safe and fun dives to those who are curious about underwater. To provide social activity environments with sincere, professional and fun dives. 


To make everyone who meets the underwater world love this passion by feeling at home in a safe, friendly and fun environment.